It is an absolute honour to be awarded Woman of the Year for Canterbury Bankstown 2023. 

Complete gratitude to everyone who voted and for the amazing support from the community. 

  • For the woman who looks after everyone but herself and needs to find pockets of time in the week just for her.

  • For the woman who doesn't want to go to a commercial gym and be another member with a swipe card late at night.

  • For the woman who wants to improve her overall health and wellness and be cheered on by a tribe of women that will support her in doing so.

  • I bring to you, Formation Fitness. A place for ladies to train together.

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Meet your Trainer

Hi! My name is Sandra Younes, and I am Head Trainer and owner of Formation Fitness Sydney. I have over 15 years experience assisting women break the mould of what society believes they should look like, how they should exercise and why they shouldn't train "like a man".

I don't only coach, I empower YOU, to take ownership of your health and fitness, and make decisions everyday that lead you closer to your goals.

As a Mum of 2 young boys, I understand the juggle of trying to manage a household, work full time, have a social life and then still find pockets of time for yourself to exercise. This is why I created Formation Fitness; a safe space and place for you to come and train each week and spend 1 hour of uninterrupted time on yourself alongside other women who share the same need and goals.

No judgements, no need for sexy activewear, and no experience necessary.

Come and experience what it's like to get in Formation.

Our signature 6 week

flourish program


What formation ladies have to say....

Bev N

Where do I start??? Sandra, you have been an amazing coach through out this journey. Holding me accountable for my goals and making me understand my eating habits and how to improve this. I was feeling so drained everyday and didn't realise this was due to my food intake, actually thought this was due to my sleeping habits. With your support and guidance, I've changed my ways of thinking and what a massive improvement it has made to my life. You're also an amazing PT, showing me the right ways of exercising. Taking the time to explain the techniques which never really was explained by others. Thank you again for your support and dedication. Appreciate everything you do.


Formation Fitness classes are the highlights of my week. I love coming together with other ladies and working on my fitness as well as my overall mental health. Sandra aka Cindy, is the best coach I have had and will ever have. She motivates and encourages me every step of the way and I have her to praise for my weight loss.She is totally relatable and tells you how it is. She is also the sweetest and funniest lady you will ever meet.If you need that little motivation to get started Sandra is the person to call. She is Fantastic. I can't praise her enough.


Sandra a.k.a Cindy has been my inspiration for the last couple of months … of my feeling better journey !!!I love joining her Monday’s and Thursday’s boxing classes they are so much fun And I am proud to say after only 4 classes I can now start my lawn mower on my own !!!! All evidence that her classes are helping me become stronger

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Our aim is to shed light on the deep issues that others try to hide, connect with you through our story telling and enable you to reflect on your own personal circumstances: Just two girlfriends having a chat.

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if you would like to have a chat about your needs please submit your details below or contact Sandra on 0414 880 875 or email admin@formationfitness.com.au
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